Friday, January 16, 2009


Basketball started a couple of weeks ago and Drew is feeling it. He thought soccer was pretty fun too, but he seems to really feel the love for Basketball. So far we have had two games and he has made at least one basket per game, which is pretty cool.

Very blurry shot of Drew going in for a basket.

It is fun watching him be competitive and really go after the ball.................even if he tries to take it from his own team members.

Next up....New Year's Celebration

This New Years Eve flew by. I really don't know where the night went. I hope that is not a sign of how fast 2009 is going to fly by.
In the few moments, that the night seemed to only be, I did manage to get a few pictures of our festivities.Grandma carrying one of her 3 foot sparklers to bring in the New Year. Notice her slipper flip flops for the freezing Idaho winter eve. You may also notice Drew's shoeless feet just behind her.

We all huddled up the Moss fireworks show. Our neighbors added a few of their own as well to add to the excitement.

The kiddies stayed up with us until the midnight hour and then settled in to bed after our midnight celebrations. Happy New Year everyone! We had a great night, it just went by way too fast!

Merry Christmas!

Since today is January 16th, I thought I should finally get around to posting our Christmas and New Year festivities in Idaho at Grandma and Grandpa Moss's house.
We had a great time and the Holidays were filled with lots of parties. It was fun to see everyone again and have some great food, fun and late night chats.

Drew's favorite present was his electric train from Santa-that thing was running almost non-stop for the rest of Christmas Day.

Sommey's favorite gift from Santa was her fancy Sleeping Beauty dress with jewelry and shoes. As Drew's train was continually chugging down the tracks, so was she forever prancing around the house in her lovely gown.