Saturday, September 26, 2009


September 19, 2009 we celebrated Grandma J's 90th Birthday. My mom and her two brothers planned quite the party to honor and celebrate Grandma Johnson's big day. They invited the entire community to come wish her well and I really think they all showed up. It was a fun night and a party befitting such a cool lady!

Taking a moment to meet one of her newest great-grandbabies: Aubrey Jane Striking a pose by her stack of 90 Pepsi cans. She has been a big Pepsi fan for at least 40 years. It has been part of many family parties and always shows up for chats with family and friends at her kitchen table. Ninety really doesn't look like very many years in Pepsi cans does it??Part of the celebration included letting go of 90 helium filled balloons; It was awesome to watch them slowly disappear in the Idaho sky.

We ended the night with tacos, taffy, cake, pepsi, ......... and for the Grand Finale, we lit 90(I think more like 190) roman candles to finish the night off with a BANG.

Happy Birthday Grandma J!
We love you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Drew started Kindergarten on August 27th. Lo was still home with us because of the maternity leave he gets with his job, so we all walked over together for Drew's Kindergarten debut. We got a lot of pics of his first day:

First picture was taken at our front door:We got this shot of Drew making his way to the school entrance: Waiting for class to start with some friends:

Lining up by the teacher's door and waving goodbye to Mom, Dad, Sommey and Aubrey:
The teacher letting Drew in to his first day of KindergartenSo far he has loved school. It was a lot easier for me to see him start Kindergarten, because he was so chill about the whole thing. If he would have been a mess.....then, I would have lost it. So, yeah for school and yeah for Drew's mellow and happy personality.