Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Lo's parents gave us WICKED tickets for Christmas and it was "showtime" over the weekend. We went with Lo's parents and Mardi and Terry to the show on Friday night. First, we had a yummy dinner at P.F. Chang's and then went to the 8:00 show. It gave such clever spin on the famous Wizard of Oz story.......great characters and great music. It made for a very fun night! Thanks for the picture Mardi....I stole it from your blog due to my "lack of taking pictures problem!"
My parents were also here over the weekend to see WICKED. All of us married kids and Mikey=) gave them tickets for Christmas, and their show was Saturday night. They absolutely loved it as well. So sorry, but I have to say it.................................we all loved our WICKEDly fun-filled weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ULTRASOUND TODAY.......I WAS 99.9% we were having a BOY and.........

I was very surprised!........
and we are all very excited having another little lady!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bit of "Catch up" please.

We headed to Idaho over Spring break. We went up Monday through Friday to see what Gpa Poss and Gma Moss and Mike were up to. Mike planned a fun cook-out for all of us that was a good time. We found the perfect little spot to roast our hot dogs and toast marshmallows for our smores.
Drew took this shot of us enjoying the cozy fire. Drew and Sommey loved chasing the ducks and climbing trees. The night started out a little windy, but the wind soon subsided and we were able to enjoy our dinner and smores, let the kids run their hearts out, and chat around the fire as the sun set around us.
We had a great time. Amidst the snowy/rainy week, we did a little bowling, eating, more chatting, and managed to fit one more bonfire in before we left. We had a great visit.


We started the Easter festivities on Friday night with a neighborhood, nightime, Easter egg hunt. Every kid brought their flashlight to make finding the eggs easier and a bit more exciting....any activity that requires a flashlight for Drew and Sommey is pretty awesome.
We had a great Easter. I was not, however, a great photo taker that day. I did manage to get a couple shots of Drew and Sommer finding what the Easter bunny had brought them.
Lo and I were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting. It was a good opportunity to share our testimonies and reflect on something other than the many treats that I kept eating. Grandpa and Mimi came over to listen to our talks and help out with the kiddies while we spoke. We had a yummy Easter dinner and many delicious goodies to complete the sunny Easter day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Latest Project......for Miss Sommey Sue.

My latest project began with something I saw in Land of Nod. It sparked the idea to paint the alphabet for Sommey's room. I decided to stray from the original idea I saw and make it more personal to her. So, this is what I ended up with:Sadly, I had a hard time taking a nice picture of it. I couldn't get rid of the darn glare. I really had a fun time doing this project and ended up giving it to Sommer for her Birthday. She has told me her favorite part is the monkey and the princess.