Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We spent the long UEA weekend in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Our first stop was Old Faithful. We arrived just after it had erupted and we were not patient enough to wait around for the next eruption, so the bit of steam coming out was good enough for us.
We saw a lot of Bison on our trip. Bison proved to be a tricky word for Drew. He kept calling them Binos's and would correct Sommer if she didn't say the word just right.
We also saw a lot of Elk. Lo got this picture of this giant one just off the side of the road.
The Tetons are one of my most favorite places in the world. I have so many great memories of this Park and it always does my heart good to go back.
This is the new Visitor's Center in Moose. It was fun to see my old stomping ground and exciting to see the changes that have gone on since I was there.
We took a short walk around Jenny Lake. We threw a lot of rocks in the water and saved Aubrey's life a lot. She was determined to go in the water and we had to cut our stay at the lake short due to her determination.
Here is the one picture that I accidentally caught of myself in the rear view mirror. It proves I really was there on our family vacation. Beautiful surroundings, animal sightings, fun adventures and great company made for a really fantastic trip. It is always good to get away!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Jazz Player-#19

Zion's Bank is a sponsor of the Utah Jazz and so Lo had the opportunity to play a little basketball with the Jazz coaches at the Energy Solution arena last night. They had 4 teams that played for the title of Zion's champ. We had a fun night. The kids, when they weren't running crazy in the stadium seating, loved watching their Dad play well and make some nice shots. I took a few unfortunately fuzzy pics of the game. GO #19!!

Broken Arm #2

When Drew was 5 he broke his left arm riding his bike, so I thought we had "been there, done that" Unfortunately, last Wednesday, after soccer practice, Drew fell off the monkey bars and broke his right arm. He was trying to show his Dad a fancy trick and ended up falling awkwardly on both arms. In fact, Lo said that he wondered if Drew had broken both arms when he first got up from his fall.

So, we are not happy that he broke his arm, but we are happy that he broke only one. I am hoping we get more than a two year break from breaking the next bone. My vote is for NO more broken bones!!!

Midway for Labor Day

Lo's parents invited us to spend Labor Day and Swiss Days with them in Midway. We spent a few nights at one of their friend's homes and enjoyed some crisp mountain air.
Drew and Sommey chasing their Dad up the hill as he took Aubrey for her first ride on the 4-wheeler.While the boys golfed, Janyce and I found a fun park by the golf-course where Sommer found some ducks to feed. She fed them all of the snacks we brought for us to eat, so the ducks were very full by the time we left.

I took this pic of the first sign of fall. There was one lone and bright orange tree on the hillside just above the home we stayed in.

We had a great time and were thankful Mimi and Grandpa invited us along to enjoy their weekend getaway!

First Day of School

Sommer is in preschool this year. She is at Learning Dynamics and has Mrs. Buxton for her teacher. Mrs. Buxton taught Drew his last year of preschool and we love her. Sommer is loving school so far and just brought home her first book!

Drew started 1st grade this year. He is an "early bird", which means school starts at 8:00 am. His teacher is Mrs. Urrutia. She is a great teacher! To start, Drew said that he wanted to take a lunch one day and then eat at the cafeteria one day, and he did this for a couple weeks. Now he changed it up and wants to eat at the cafeteria and said he will take a lunch only when they are eating something "gross" at the cafeteria. I think that is a smart plan.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

$2 Tuesday

A few weeks ago, we decided to devote our afternoon to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It is an amazing place to spend the day and for $2 you can't afford not to do it. Here are a few glimpses of what we spent our HOT summer afternoon doing.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

ONE Birthday Celebration

Aubrey had her very first Birthday party on August 20th. Although, she may not have known exactly what was going on, she seemed to "feel the love" for her first birthday celebration.

She got some great gifts and loved crinkling the paper and packages.
We ended the festivities with yummy chocolate cupcakes.
She began by delicately tasting her cupcake but soon...
after taking a few tastes made the mess deserving of a first birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday Aubrey! We Love You! We love watching you learn and grow every day!

What you are up to at ONE:
  • climbing everything(the computer desk is our favorite climbing spot)
  • finding treasures in the cabinets and leaving your binky behind as evidence of where you have searched
  • snuggling into your bed on your tummy with the blanket just covering your head
  • saying your name, Ahhhhhbey, okay and wow
  • pulling all of the wipes out of the container
  • helping me with the laundry by pulling all of the clothes out of the laundry basket or dryer
  • gathering shoes
  • helping me unload the dishwasher
  • running around as the busiest little lady ever

Lucky #7

Drew turned numero 7 on August 2. Seven is my favorite number and now my favorite little boy is my favorite number.

Drew decided that he wanted a lego cake, so we bought a lego airplane, put it together and I made a runway cake for it to take off on...easiest cake ever to make to date.
Drew had a great day. We celebrated with balloons, Spongebob decor, family and presents. Happy Birthday Drew, We LOVE You!
What you are up to at SEVEN:

  • You still LOVE trains
  • Cruising around on your bike like a pro
  • soccer, basketball and golf
  • Starting the 1st grade
  • Say the coolest things
  • setting up intricate railroad tracks for our train sets
  • Kindest, loving kid with the most sensitive heart and cutest face
  • Jumping ditches with golf carts...
  • and the greatest kid ever!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DAD 1944-2010

I never fully realized the limits of the English language until this happened in my life. There are no words great enough to describe how much you really love someone and there are no words descriptive enough to explain the emotions that go along with the process of losing someone you love.

I was told on July 3, 2008 that my Dad had cancer. and on June 24th, 2010 was told that he passed away in the home I grew up in.

My father said from the very first diagnosis that "He felt good about things." he would follow that statement with "I don't know what that means, but I really do feel good about things."

My Dad's words were always a great source of comfort and wisdom. Whenever there was a crisis(or at least, what I thought was a crisis) in my life, I would call to chat with him. He had the ability to help put my challenges into perspective and calm life's"storms."

In true form, my father continues to teach me and ease my mind. I was reading some of the letters that he sent me while serving my mission in Mexico. I found this letter and have included a portion of its contents:

We are all doing fine and enjoying the blessings that Heavenly Father so regularly sends. We are proud of each family member and the progress you are each making. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us with great children, each of whom we love more than words can express. How fortunate we are to be so blessed, and to live at this time in the world.

May the Lord bless you in your labors and sustain you during those discouraging and trying times that will come. May he bless you with that great joy that comes only as we obediently serve him regardless of obstacles placed in our path. We love you Bizzy and pray for your protection and success each day. Work hard and be happy.

Love, Dad

I knew the Plan of Salvation was true before losing my father and only know with more surety of it's truthfulness after his passing. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to my Dad, Mom and family throughout these past couple years. I am amazed and can see the Lord's care in the countless acts of kindness that have continued to be shared with our family during this time.

How lucky I am to know you are my Dad forever. I love you Dad.