Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MARCH 23, Sommey Sue turns Cinco.

We decided to have a little lunch date with some of Sommey's friends for her Birthday this year. McDonalds was the lunch of choice with nuggets winning out as top choice all around.It was still too cold for an outside picnic, so we covered the family room floor with blankets and improvised a bit.Later in the afternoon, I found a nearby candy store, which I thought would be fun for Sommer since she is CANDY's #1 fan. It looked super cute from the outside and not so cute on the inside...Well, it was cuteish, but didn't have much for Sommey to chose from. She looked around a bit and asked, "Mom, can we go to a gas station instead and pick a treat?" Later that evening, Grandpa and Mimi came over to help us celebrate with some gifts, cake, and dinner.!!!
A bit about Sommey @FIVE:

  • Her favorite colors are pink and purple

  • She loves to wear dresses and skirts

  • Will always tell you when she thinks you look cute or what she likes about your outfit

  • Learned how to read SUPER fast in preschool and reads her books as fast as she can

  • LOVES candy, especially skittles, suckers, and gum

  • speaks very clearly and surprises you with the words she will use

  • Loves to play with friends

  • Super dancer with great moves

  • Outgoing and happy, loves to make new friends

  • Sassy, cutest little lady


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Christmas Season 2010-SNOW-Santa Clause and A Nestman Family First

First snow of the year began with Sommer playing in our backyard bundled up in her winter wear. She managed to make the effort of getting in the snow gear worth it by making multiple snow angels, attempting a snowman, and running her bum off in the winter wonderland. We had our first visit from Santa at Lo's work party. In these blurry shots, Sommey and Drew had a chance to share what they wanted most, which was fingernail polish for Sommey and Legos for Drew.Drew told me that this Santa couldn't have been the real one because he was wearing shoes like him and the real Santa only wears boots.Santa came through with some Legos for Drew, and fingernail polish for Sommey,
and Aubrey was happy with everything she got too.

It was our first Christmas with just our own little family in our house for the Christmas morning events. Grandma Jane and Grandpa and Mimi came over later that day for a yummy Christmas lunch.

We had a very Merry Christmas! I think next year Santa should bring me a new camera.


At the end of last year, Drew sold the amount of coupon books required to be in the MONEY MACHINE at his school. I was not going to miss this event, thinking that we were surely going to be hundredaires, and made sure to snap a few shots of the event. Drew did great, but lacked an outfit made entirely of tape, or syrup, which would have been such an asset.

Rules state that you must tuck in your shirt, so Drew is gearing up and getting ready to go.Drew grabbed the money as fast as he could and managed to grab $4 during the 20 seconds(Boooooooooo to the person that decided they only got 20 seconds) of money grabbing mania. Another cool part of the day was eating lunch with Drew at the cafeteria. I really wanted to follow him around for the rest of the day, but decided that would prove to be annoying to Drew very quickly.

Halloween Party-Starting all the way back in October

We welcomed the Halloween spirits with a Halloween party for Drew and some of his friends.
Everyone came dressed in their Halloween best ready for games, treats and prizes.

We made sure the have a viewing of one of our favorite Halloween movies, Icabod Crane.

Although it is March, we couldn't move forward without mentioning our fall, Halloween fiesta.