Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MARCH 23, Sommey Sue turns Cinco.

We decided to have a little lunch date with some of Sommey's friends for her Birthday this year. McDonalds was the lunch of choice with nuggets winning out as top choice all around.It was still too cold for an outside picnic, so we covered the family room floor with blankets and improvised a bit.Later in the afternoon, I found a nearby candy store, which I thought would be fun for Sommer since she is CANDY's #1 fan. It looked super cute from the outside and not so cute on the inside...Well, it was cuteish, but didn't have much for Sommey to chose from. She looked around a bit and asked, "Mom, can we go to a gas station instead and pick a treat?" Later that evening, Grandpa and Mimi came over to help us celebrate with some gifts, cake, and dinner.!!!
A bit about Sommey @FIVE:

  • Her favorite colors are pink and purple

  • She loves to wear dresses and skirts

  • Will always tell you when she thinks you look cute or what she likes about your outfit

  • Learned how to read SUPER fast in preschool and reads her books as fast as she can

  • LOVES candy, especially skittles, suckers, and gum

  • speaks very clearly and surprises you with the words she will use

  • Loves to play with friends

  • Super dancer with great moves

  • Outgoing and happy, loves to make new friends

  • Sassy, cutest little lady



The Rasch's said...

Such a pretty 5 year old. So glad that she had a great time. Love you all lots!!!

Tin said...

I always look forward to seeing Sommey's new moves and have her teach me some new ones. We look forward to see you all again soon.
Love you give everyone big Colorado kiss.