Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Preschool begins....guns and golf clubs...water parks....Birthday Parties.

We are trying to keep the summer fun coming, although school has officially begun for Droozer. He started school on August 20th. He has an August birthday, so I decided to send him to one more year of Preschool before starting Kindergarten. His teacher is Mrs. Buxton and he is feeling good about being in school again.
Grandpa and Mimi Nestman came to dinner on Sunday with surprises for Drew and Sommey. Drew scored some cap guns and Sommer got her own mini set of golf clubs. We had a fun dinner and watched the Olympics, while Drew shot up the place and Sommer checked out her new set of clubs.

The night shots, although a little blurry, still show the kids partying the night away and helping Grandpa Moss blow out his candles.We were in to Idaho Friday and Saturday to celebrate my Dad's 64th birthday. We had a fun party in the Moss backyard that ended with some Boomland fireworks that my Mom bought on their fun trip.


We also spent some time at the water park in Rexburg. The kids were huge fans up until the lady in charge had to clear everyone out of the water because some kid decided to be a literal "party pooper." Yucky.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mamma Mia, 1/2 Marathon's, Dinosaur Museums, and $2 Tuesdays.

Mamma Mia-Ladies Night Out
Thursday night, the Cox ladies all gathered to enjoy a ladies night out. We went to Mamma Mia, which was a hit, and then to Hires to chat about random topics that included synchronized swimming, politics and Paris Hilton. It's always a fun time with the Cox ladies.

Race Day-Provo 1/2 Marathon
Next up, Kathy and family came to visit for a couple of days. She came to run the Provo Half Marathon with me. She was there to support me when I hit mile 11-I curse the 2.1 miles that looped to the finish in the Riverwoods shopping area!!

Dinosaur Museum

Kathy and I took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum while Lo and Chad headed to South Mountain to get in a golf game. The kids literally ran from one exhibit to the next, unfortunately for us, they ran in different directions.

We have had a couple of FUN weeks full of family visits and hope for many more to come.

$2 Tuesdays at the Children's Discovery Gardens

Drew, Sommey and I enjoyed a fun day in the sun on Wednesday. Notice the llama(I think it's a llama) in the window taking aim at the two cute and oblivious kiddos splashing their way around Noah's ark. Note to self: other people are aware of $2 Tuesdays -the proof is in the next picture.

Even amidst the million people participating in our day at the Discovery Gardens, we had a great time. There was a lot for the kids to see and do. Sadly, my camera ran out of power, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked of our fun day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Visitors, VICTORY, and Birthday Parties

We had a fun-filled week that started on Monday night. Kristin and Makaila came to stay the week with us and we kept our days full of activities. Some of our adventures included a visit to the Capital, Temple Square, an attempted hike to Bridal Veil Falls, BYU Museum of Art, Hogle Zoo, a Birthday party, and a peaceful stroll down the Jordan River parkway. Lindsay and Calvin also stayed over Saturday night and celebrated Drew's #5 Birthday with us.

TUESDAY- We headed to the Capital, which I somehow managed to get zero pictures of and then later that night went up to Cabela's where the kids enjoyed looking around and then shot some guns for a bit.
WEDNESDAY-We attempted to hike up to Bridal Veil Falls, but due to my neglectful news watching, I was unaware of the fire in the canyon. No one was allowed up the canyon trail because of the fire, so we let the kids play on a nearby playground and took some pictures by the river. We actually ended up going to the BYU Museum of Art which was fun to see again. They have some amazing art there. THURSDAY- We saw the sights at Temple Square. Drew took this picture of all of us at the Joseph Smith Building. He is all about taking pictures lately and did a pretty darn good job with this shot.
Sommer and Makaila looking pretty amongst the flowers.

We walked around the gardens and also stopped by the Church History Museum where we all loved the cute, and hands on, I am a Child of God exhibit. Joseph seems to have an uneasy look on his face. Perhaps he was expressing concern for his sheep.FRIDAY- We enjoyed a day at Hogle Zoo. We had a VERY hot, train, carousel, and animal filled day.

SATURDAY- AUGUST 2, Drew's Birthday. We had a little pizza, pinata, cake, and were finally victorious and found the little Train Station, we have attempted to visit 3 times previously, open for visitors.

Kristin and Makaila gave Drew a cool watch and Calvin and Lindsay brought a Pinata. The kids loved taking turns with the bat and were very happy when Droozer finally knocked the candy out.

Drew had taken 400 pictures by the 2nd day of his camera ownership. I will have to post some of the pictures he has been capturing on his cool orange camera. Some of the shots he has taken are hilarious.

SUNDAY- Sunday morning Kristin, Makaila, Lindsay and Calvin headed back to Denver. We loved their visit and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Lo was in the ALBQ for a friend's wedding and missed Birthday party #1 ,so when he arrived home in the early afternoon we had Birthday party #2. Grandpa and Mimi and Mardi brought some cool gifts and we all enjoyed a BBQ and more yummy Birthday cake. Drew was a BIG fan of the Birthday party repeat.