Saturday, March 12, 2011


At the end of last year, Drew sold the amount of coupon books required to be in the MONEY MACHINE at his school. I was not going to miss this event, thinking that we were surely going to be hundredaires, and made sure to snap a few shots of the event. Drew did great, but lacked an outfit made entirely of tape, or syrup, which would have been such an asset.

Rules state that you must tuck in your shirt, so Drew is gearing up and getting ready to go.Drew grabbed the money as fast as he could and managed to grab $4 during the 20 seconds(Boooooooooo to the person that decided they only got 20 seconds) of money grabbing mania. Another cool part of the day was eating lunch with Drew at the cafeteria. I really wanted to follow him around for the rest of the day, but decided that would prove to be annoying to Drew very quickly.

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