Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We had our last soccer game with the "KILLER BEES." Drew had a fun season with some great kicks and a few goals. Lo was a great coach for the Bees and managed to stay very patient when Drew decided to play in "chill mode" instead of "mixing it up."
LAST #2:
Drew went to his last day Learning Dynamics Preschool on May 22. His last day was Circus Day. They made animal masks, ate animal crackers, watched movies, played games and the teachers all dressed up like clowns. His teacher, Mrs. Buxton,was the perfect teacher to help Drew get ready for Kindergarten.
FIRST #1: (may prove to be a last and a first all in one)
I planted tomato plants. I planted one "Sweet 100", two "Celebrity" and one "Yellow Pear"tomato plant. I am crossing my fingers that these will produce an amazing crop of delicious tomatoes and give me confidence to plant again next year. In truth, this is the last time I may see them alive, so I decided to take pictures of them before they decided to pass on, if that be their fate. FIRST #2
Lo and I had our first garage sale. Our HOA planned a community garage sale for Memorial Day weekend. They did all the advertising and we just had to be ready with anything we wanted to sell outside in our driveway that Saturday morning. Our big seller was baby clothes. We managed to make a whopping $76. It was nice to make a little cash for something I would have hauled over to D.I. We managed to pay for dinner and a movie with our "massive" earnings.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Drew had a Mother's Day program at his preschool on Friday. Lo, Sommey and I got to see him sing. He also gave me a great painting, card, and plant to bring home. The songs "I Wish I had a Little Red Box", and "That's My Mother." were a hit with all of the Mom's that were there. It was a cute day and he did a great job.

Sunday, for the "official" Mother's Day Celebration, Lo and the kids made breakfast for me and then we had a fun BBQ with Grandpa, Mimi and Mardi and her kids. It was a fun Mother's Day weekend! Thanks to Lo and the kiddies for making it a fun day! I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!