Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Catch Up Continued.


For the 4th of July, we went up to Idaho to spend the holiday with Grandma Moss and Grandpa Poss. We wanted to make sure were were there to see our cool Grandpa/Dad as the Grand Marshall of the 4th of July parade. The kids lined up to see he and Grandma being pulled through the parade route by a horse and carriage.
Grandpa was also introduced that evening at the Rodeo. He and Grandma were pulled in their horse and carriage around the arena to start things off for the night.Next up was the DENVER ADVENTURE:
After our 4th of July celebrations, we headed to Denver with the Dickemore's to spend a few days with Kristin and Jon's families. We spent our first day at Elitches, an amusement and swim park(I didn't take my camera to the swimpark, so I didn't any pics of our day .)

We spent our next day at The Children's Museum, which kept the kids busy for a long time.

They played dress-up,were firemen in uniform on a real firetruck,played with trains,did a little grocery shopping,explored in the forest,worked on their painting talents,and built a few things in their workshops.It was fun to see everyone and and especially fun to play with the cousins. Thanks to the Bahr's for your home and hospitality. Also, Thanks to the Bahrs and Moss's for the Rockies tickets, golf and for showing us around the city. It made for a very fun summer trip!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Summer Catch Up Time......and more to come soon!

Catch up begins with SWIMMING LESSONS:Drew had 2 weeks of swimming lessons the last part of June. He had a great teacher who helped him learn a lot in a short time. Drew's favorite part of his lessons was the Rocket. Sommey's favorite part of Drew's swimming lessons was chasing the dogs and petting the cat. Next year, she will start her lessons, but the dog and cat my prove to still be more interesting than the lesson. Next up.......Our trip to KENNECOTT COPPER:
It was my first time visiting and it was impressive to see the size of the trucks and Mine. The trucks didn't seem too big as they drove down the mine path, however, when you saw the size of their tires a little closer it put things into perspective.
After a morning at Kennecott......that night it was off to the LEHI RODEO:

We had a fun time. Sommey stayed semi-interested as she danced in the bleachers and Drew seemed a lot more interested in the actual rodeo events than previous years. My pregnant belly/back was not a huge fan of the bleacher seating, however, when is bleacher seating ever the most comfortable place to be.

More summer catch up blogging to come very soon....