Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AUBREY and HALLOWEEN------The Update Continues.............


Aubrey is almost 3 months old now. She will be officially 3 months old on November 20th. Here are a couple of shots of her relaxing on the couch with Sommer:She has been such a cute and GOOD little baby. Sommer and Drew were really cute babies, but not so great in the GOOD category. I now understand why many Mommas love the newborn stage.


One week before Halloween, we had our annual Halloween party with the Winder 9th crew. It is always so much fun to catch up with everyone and see how all the kiddies and families are growing. We got a picture of all the kids(all that would participate) on our stairs. Halloween quickly came and went. We went over to Drew's school for a Halloween parade, went Trunk-or-Treating, Trick-or Treating, visited Grandmas and Grandpas and dressed up as golfers, butterflies and caterpillars.

I wasn't quick enought to get a picture of Drew as he zoomed by me in his Halloween costume parade, so I got this picture of him during his class Halloween party. Drew and Sommey waiting to give treats to our neighborhood buddies in their butterfly and vintage golfer costumes: I got this shot of Drew before he went to school. This is one of the few pics that show his socks pulled up.I have a picture of Aubrey in her cute caterpillar costume, but I need to download it from my phone, so that is will be added in all it's blurry glory soon.

More update to come..............

Friday, November 6, 2009

The UPDATE of the CENTURY Begins with Rockets and Loose Teeth:


Lo's friend Kerry builds rockets every year and invited Lo and Drew to come and check them out. Drew LOVED it and was able to launch 4 of them, which was very cool.Pushing the "blast off" button:Drew gathered the rockets after they parachuted to the ground so they can be used again next year. Maybe Drew will invent cool rocket parts for a science fair and have a movie made about him called October Sky 2.


Drew breifly panicked when he noticed blood coming from the toothless hole left in his mouth , but the excitement of losing our first tooth soon outweighed the gory moment. Overall, losing our first tooth was pretty cool.

Update of the Century to be continued soon..........................................