Friday, December 18, 2009


A report on what has been going on with us lately:


A couple months ago, we finally convinced Sommer to throw away her beloved pink blanket due to its serious shabbiness. I wanted to make sure we had pictures of how loved this lucky blanket actually was.


Drew was a "Native American" in his kindergarten feast that celebrated the first Thanksgiving. I told him he was lucky he got to be an Indian and he quickly corrected me and said he was not an Indian, but a Native to political correctness beginning in Kindergarten. We were in Idaho this year for Thanksgiving. We had our yummy feast over at the church so that we could have more room to eat and for the kids to play and run around. We definitely had lots of yummy food to eat.

we took a lot of pictures of the kids eating and hanging out together:Sommey started out with few carrots and dip:Drew and Josh getting after the turkey legs:We chatted, played basketball, ate yummy food and exchanged ornaments:The kids even made the apple, gumdrop turkeys: Perhaps a few more gumdrops than apple:Lining up with the coolest turkeys ever made:


Zion's Bank takes us out to the movie every December and we get treats, toys and a visit from Santa Claus. Drew,Sommey and Aubrey got to sit on his lap and talk to him about what they wanted for Christmas this year. I think this may be my first picture of Kris Kringle throwing out the peace sign or is he giving Sommer bunny ears???

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!