Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I decided to paint a little something for Aubrey's room and this is what I came up with. I have seen so many cute bird prints on baby girl bedding, and clothing lately, so I decided to paint a few birds in a tree for Aubrey. I apologize for the pics. I need a new camera and better camera skills.

First Ski Trip------Sleeping UNDER the BED-----AUBREYis 6 mos.----CRAZY HAIR DAY


Lo and his Dad took Drew up to Brighton for his first Ski trip. Lo put him in ski school for the first part of the day. The instructor said he did a great job and was willing to try anything she asked. Drew loved the entire day until it was time to take his skis back to the rental center. He thought it was super dumb to take his skis back after we had paid money for them.

Lo and Drew just before they took off for their ski day.

Sommey was playing upstairs when it was suddenly much too quiet, which usually means trouble and messes of some sort. Lo took this picture of Sommey after he found her safe and soundly sleeping under Drew's bed.


I need to take more pictures of Aubrey. We have 350 million baby pictures of Drew(firstborn) and 100 pics of Sommey(secondborn) and 7 of Aubrey (latest arrival) Here is a recent shot of the cutest little lady growing up too quickly with her stylin' old man hair. She has been such a fun little girl!!


Drew's school is having White Ribbon Week at school. They kicked things off with CrAzy hAir day yesterday. We decided to go for a little Blue, Green and Red combo and, against my better judgment, I used food coloring mixed into hair gel. I recall my sister coloring her hair with green food coloring for Halloween and to her great surprise and sadness the green didn't come out completely. She had streaks of green hair for at least a month. Regardless of this memory, I colored Drew's hair and luckily the color came out completely. He is running around again blonde as ever.


Time to finally catch up and report on what has been going since Christmas time. We managed to visit Temple square a few days before Christmas. It was so cold that night that we quickly made our way around most of the square in 10 minutes or less.
We had a very Merry Christmas. Grandpa, Mimi and Mardi and her family spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. Some of the major winners from Santa Clause were make-up and more tutus and wings for Sommer and Legos and a train set for Drew. Aubrey seemed very content with her travel backpack and diapers.
We had a very Merry Christmas; It just came and went too quickly.