Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PAGEANT, Birthday PARTY, and a PADRE Celebration!

We had a busy weekend! On Friday night, we headed to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Lo had a friend, that works at Zion's Bank (in Manti), save us some seats and he really came through for us. His wife is in charge of the sound for the pageant, so we had fancy, gated-off seating. We were lucky enough to be there the same night Elder L. Tom Perry was and he was seated right next to us. Very cool! Saturday was my Birthday, so we had a little party. We got home late from the pageant the night before, so we were pretty tired for our Saturday celebration. We decided to go up to Park City and have some pizza, treats and a Trolley ride. Drew took this picture of us on the Trolley. I look like I am 12 months pregnant in this shot. I took this picture of Drew, who is, perhaps, the biggest Trolley/train ride supporter out there. Sunday, we finished our weekend with a fun Father's Day. We had a great day that included Lo and Janyce, who came over to celebrate Dad's day with us.

A few of the reasons why Lo/a.k.a DAD is the GREATEST!:

  • He plays race car games
  • He plays golf with me
  • Gives us rides on the motorcycle
  • The most optimistic person I know
  • Watches fun shows with me
  • Knows how to make you feel important
  • Always ready for a party
  • He snuggles me
  • Daddy loves me very much
  • Mr. Personality

We Love You DAD!

Love, Your Biggest Fans!

Liz, Drew and Sommey Sue.

Monday, June 15, 2009


We had a fun Birthday party for Lo last Friday. We celebrated with Lo's parents, and Mardi & Terri and their kids. We had dinner at Cafe Rio, ate some cake, and opened presents.Here are a few of the V.I.P's that celebrated the big day with us:Drew and Sommey made these very fancy, personalized birthday cards for Dad to add some extra style to his party.



Sunday, June 7, 2009


Saturday, we went to the Air Show at Hill Air Force Base. The pilots put on quite the show. We spent the day with Lo's parents, and Mardi and her kids.
I think Sommer's favorite part of the show was the animal crackers and pretzels.
Drew and Lo ended up touring the planes that were parked on the tarmac for a hands-on-tour: both were equally impressed with what they were able to check out and see.
I loved the Biplanes, because they did the coolest tricks.
Lo and I had to leave a early to go to a dinner, so we missed the Thunderbirds. We left our kiddies with Lo's parents, so Drew and Sommey were able to see the Thunderbirds end the show with an impressive finale. The Air show made for a great weekend activity!

I can't take credit for the above pic of the Thunderbirds......found this via the internet.